Sunday, November 29, 2009


this year's aidiladha at Grandma's house was a blast!
everyone except two families were there

it was really sesak
and i didn't have my nap coz there's no space... :O

the 2nd day of aidiladha,
we had ketupat, lemang, and bihun goreng in the morning
then, Grandma made ubi rebus during brunch
it tasted real good when u eat it with brown sugar and coconut~
lunch, we ate rice and other lauks i can't remember...
in the evening we celebrated my lil' sister's birthday~

wow, she was so lucky~
having her birthday celebrated at kampung
with all the people there..
and she even got 2 cakes!
:D at least she's happy


last week, we went to terenganu
following mum coz she had some sort of course there

well, it wasn't what we expected tho
it rained all 4 days we were there!

hmm, not a very good time having a vacation during musim tengkujuh, no?

the one thing that i was worried about is the cholera disease
it was like flooding season there
and the case about this disease spreads like sirap diffusing in water! DX
thank god we went home safe and sound

mum bought some silk fabric,
a batik shirt for dad,
some batik nightwear for my lil' brother and sisters,
and some t-shirts for me an my other lil' sis

not much to talk about, no?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

kacang sickness

exams are gonna end soon
and i can't wait to go home~

right now i'm a little stressed coz
my roomate just left coz she finished her exams early and went back home early
and ... just 1 paper left!! >.<

huu, and bcoz of that, i nibble some nuts...
ok, not some, but a lot...

somebody plz help me stop eating these things...
wuu... it makes my tummy ache
and now i think i'm gonna throw up...

this "bwek" feeling is killing me....