Saturday, October 30, 2010

study week

Gray Fullbuster of Fairy Tail (kyaaaaa XD)

i hate study week

there i said it!!

coz u have to sit down and study
facing notes and books
trying to absorb as much as u can

then u feel bored
trying to fill up the bored-ness
eating unhealthily,
u begin to think of something else
games, anime, friends, family, etc... (Gray~ XD)
then u realize....
3 hours has passed
but u just studied for 1 hour....

there u have it~
my problem: distraction -_-

i wanna go out and enjoy myself
enjoy the clean fresh air (ok, it's polluted)
enjoy sweating myself from running or jogging
without worrying about the coming exam

but, then it hit me,


"i assume u guys to know, but actually u don't"
i always get that from the Dean (he teaches us Antimicrobial Therapy)
with a smiling face :)

and then we smile


see the above picture?
that's my new favourite :D

hmm, why oh why do i like these kinda guys...?
(beside his habit of stripping unconsciously...)


sorry, i've been babbling about nothing today
guess this is the 'side effect' of the drug 'happiness' to cure the 'bored-ness' disease

oh, help me~
pharmacy has infiltrated my head!!!


btw, i've finished watching FMA Brotherhood~
now, my 'FMA BH ending' curiosity has been fulfilled~

1 comment:

Amalina said...

I used to like Gray too. Cos he's cool X(

Study dude. Stay strong. Ingat Allah selalu.

Best of luck!