Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Life As a Play Station Player

assalamualaikum, minna san~!


hehe, today my mum sent my PS2 to be repaired~
she told me it will be done in minimum time of three days~ :D
the cost is around Rm50 to RM100. (wow, i thought it was around Rm200 to RM500... =.=)

at last i will play my Persona 4~
ah~, matte kudasai~


oh, i heard that there was a way to defeat the crazy sphere thingy, Ozma, in Final Fantasy IX~
but i never tried to use the tactic before....
last time i fought that thing, it casts Doomsday all the way until my party died bcoz of curse...
then i become so pissed off, i gave up the challenge...
until yesterday, Khai gave me a video showing that even lvl1 party can defeat that thing...
=.= i thought the player cheated, but, Khai said he/she didn't...
man, that player was really lucky...
... my party is nearly lvl70 but still cant defeat that Ozma~! >.< >

ok, i dont have a PSP...
but theres a game that stole my focus~
Final Fantasy: Dissidia~ XD

its about all the final fantasy heroes fighting against their nemesises... (ok, thers only 10 heroes...)
but, the game is more like a fighting game rather than rpg...
but, its ok~! coz i get to see my Zidane in 3D~ XD

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Harshness of Reality

Hi guys...

wu~ im very sad~ but at the same time, very relieved...
u wanna know why?
ok... I didnt pass the audition... T^T

ok, all my hard work, sweat, money and time ... is for nothing...
The problem is, that night is the Maulidur Rasul night... thats why i felt relieved...
coz, i really don't wanna dance on that night...

2ndly, ... i found a really cool handphone~!
ok, last time i posted, that i was gonna buy a hp for real, but, ahem, at that place, theres no variety of phones to choose... hehe...

and then, last thursday, at midvalley, i found a sony ericsson K770~!
and its only for RM450 if i traded my old hp~! >.<

but, my mum said that i have to do a survey 1st... T^T
ok ok, she doesnt want me to feel 'menyesal' if i found a cheaper and better phone in the future...
T^T wu~ mum, i love u so much~!

oh, today's Valentine's Day, right?
ok, theres no one special in my life except for my wonderful family and friendz~!
i luv u all~!

Yesterday (friday), at PASUM, there was a talk about Valentine's Day, but I didnt attent it bcoz of the damn audition... T^T
i was wondering if it was interesting or not... ?_?

ok, thats all~!
thank u for spending your time on my blog~
and plz comment if u have the time~


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Get Up and Smell The Fresh Scent of a New Day~

assalamualaikum, mah fwenz!

before i come to my main topic, there's a crrction in my prev post:
me n mah fwenz arent gonna do the Nobody dance coz its too sexy although the song is cute n cool...
i suggested that we do the Gee dance by SNSD, but its gonna take a long time to practice so, we decided to do it if we passed the audition... XD

okay, hmmm, today i thought i was gonna get my new handphone, but alas, despite that my parents were tired from their hard work at our new house, i've decided to let today pass...
although i felt really... pissed off... T^T (wu~)
but, no matter~! i still have tomorrow~ and im gonna aget mah handphone no matter what~! XD

anyone got a cool game to recommend?
im in the hunt for cool games that are never boring and if possible, online.... so that i can socialize more~ (muahahaha~) ... (y am i laughing....?)
so, plz give me the names of the cool games u guys know~ onegaishimasu~

well, i think thats all from today~
i cant post everyday coz im really not into this blogging thingy~ (and so busy with tutorialz...)
im just here to practice my english, and socialize.... *blushes ... but mostly, for my own confidence... :)

hehe, tq for reading and c u guys later~