Thursday, December 29, 2011

studyyy la aqmaaa -___-

My OC: Syafix
(inspired by my coarsemate: Syafiq)

Quick doodle
i dont even know who this is..
ohh, wait... this is Adelle, also my OC :P

study week is soooooo sloooow moving... -___-

Monday, December 26, 2011

Mah Forest Guy :D

My OC: Kyrus
(sorry, i didn't have time to colour it :P)

- green messy hair and warm hazel eyes
- apprentice of Giroro (whut the name...?), the 'Protector of The Forest"
- a adventurous young man
- likes to craft things out of wood
- he treasures things that are rare to him (but to other ppl, its trash)
- height: 179 cm
- weight: 67 kg
- a very curious fella
- likes to read new books (coz there are only old scrolls in his hut)
- wants to know more about the world
- likes to try something new to him
- really wants to meet his real family
- LOVE curry puffs (made by Chestnut's mother) :D

Background story:

Kyrus was taken from his parents by Giroro, claiming that Kyrus was chosen to be the future Protector of The Forest based on an unusual birth mark on his right shoulder. Giroro promised that Kyrus will be given back to his parents once the apprentice training finished. He even told them to always believe that their son will come back to them.

At the age of 18, Kyrus, still undergoing his training, met Chestnut, a high school girl who got lost in the woods after finding out about the Sacred Cave. Chestnut was holding an ancient book that was written by her grandfather. The book was actually the key to opening a door in the Sacred Cave. But in order to do that, the holder of the book must be of blood-related with the writer.

Curious about what lies behind the door, Chestnut visits Kyrus and Giroro frequently to learn about the mysteries of the forest. In exchange, Chestnut bought her old books for Kyrus to read (Chestnut is a book-loving geek :P) and also her mom's special recipe curry puffs (Kyrus's new favorite food).

Giroro promised Kyrus that once the mystery of the Sacred Cave is solved, Kyrus will be a full fledged Protector. That means, Kyrus will be able to reunite with his real family.

Fighting style:
(LOL i dun think he has a fighting style :P)
he reincarnates (betulkah perkataan nih? :P) some phrases to open the Sacred Door, create a barrier, do magic stuff, etc.~
when fighting short ranged, he uses his spear (previously used by Giroro)

Giroro, Chestnut, and Shai (a lost bunny that runs away when ppl get near her (except for Kyrus))

p/s: for Kaizen: sorry, i didn't colour it. i have finals in the next week and the week after that... i'll do my part of the meme after that kay. ^^ ohh, and looking forward for your Glenn profile :D

Saturday, December 10, 2011

i wanna play it... but why cant i? ;____;

yesh.... i wanna play it..... but why cant i? ;___;

i just bought some pc games from a game store....
and one of the games i bought is Amnesia: The Dark Descent.... X(

i installed it....
i opened it...
then i just played it for a few seconds...
and then i chickened out... DX