Friday, March 26, 2010

Dosage Tests....

yesterday and today were like ... haywire!

those were the days that i had dosage tests
trust me, you wouldn't like to attend one.... =_="

yesterday, we had the practical test
where we were given two prescriptions and
in 1 and a half hour, prepare them....

i was like 'watdahek??'
i thought it was only one prescription... but two...
ugh, kill me... DX

i was able to make one preparation, the cream...
the mixture i wasn't able to make and handed over an empty bottle with its label...
and then, would you believe?
i remembered how to make and calculate it just after handing over the report!

and today, the theory test, was like....
'help me, i cant remember~!' DX

it wont happen again next time!
im sure of it!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my eye... :(

3 months wearing contacts i've never had problems...
until now

kay~ maybe i didn't wash it thoroughly...

the weird thing is, the red part is only at the right eye...

and its nearly final!

agh! looks like im back to wearing glasses again...