Saturday, April 24, 2010

1 week more!

Another one week before i go home~
kyaa~ XD

damn, i am homesick...
i just talked with my mother through phone....
my heart felt a little warmer after that... :)

well, just a little more days, and you're free~

kay, lets see....
another 4 papers to go:
- Communication Skills [Mon],
- Ethnic Relations [Wed],
- Basic Pharmacology [Thurs],
- and Dosage Form 1, Theory [Fri]....

Yosh~ gambatte Aqma!
work damn hard on the remaining papers!!!
Ace them, ace them, ACE THEM!!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



Just finished the dispensing test...
alhamdulillah, most of it i'm confident....

dispensed 8 capsules and an emulsion...

yosh, aqma!
dun get too cocky with just one confident paper!
you've got lots more to face!
6 papers to go!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dosage Form & Study Pens

My favorite study pens~

the more i'm studying dosage,
the more interesting it gets~

just wanna get my hands on the chemicals in the lab
and make my own medicine~

Monday, April 19, 2010


stands for "Tamadun Islam dan Tamadun Asia Tenggara"...
more or less, HISTORY....

which i hated so much!

but, surprisingly, its kinda interesting though....
i kinda got addicted to reading it....
hmm, weird...

maybe its bcoz u got too involved in science and such..
u used too much of yer right brain...
then, the brain stumbled across HISTORY~
it became excited and starts working on the left part of the brain...
which is rusty and need polishing....

anyways, i'm done with TITAS~
haha~ goody byes to you~

heres a question to ponder about....
if the Englishmen didn't came and colonize Tanah Melayu...
what would it be like now?

i wonder....

Saturday, April 17, 2010

live attenuated guys


i've just read about vaccines and live attenuated cultures of viruses

and thought:
if the virus is a guy,
his ability to cause a disease and his ability to replicate must be removed from him

his ability to cause a disease must be like his weapon...
and his ability to replicate must be his.................

ok, i don't have to tell, coz you've guessed it alright

Friday, April 16, 2010

aaahhh~ everythings wrong~~

what happened to me this study week?

i'm like.... really un-'whats that word i cant remember'

i haven't done my laundry... theres a pile of dirty clothes at the corner of the room...
i haven't eaten well.... today, i ate bread, and only bread...
i haven't taken care of my face... theres an awful pimple scar on my chin...
i haven't slept well... i toss and i turn from 12 pm till 3 am...

and theres still lots more to cover....

ya Allah...
i pray for the wellness of my being and
for my ability to remember the knowledge i worked hard to remember....

but, somehow, lately i'm getting close to Allah
Insya-Allah... :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

study week..... is like HELL

there, i said it! :D


z1: "heh, but it still study week...
u have to endure it anyways..."

z2: " i dun care! i'm homesick! lonely! hungry! bored!!
uwaaaaaaa~ :("

z1: "until when do u intend to keep being depressed, man?
u'll get yr freedom when u finish yr finals...
for now, focus yr fullest attention to what yr gonna face..."

z2: ".... hmm, u're right...."

z1: "there, u see? now go on and-"

z2: "u're so pumped up to study, why not study for me~
i'm gonna take a stroll~ ja ne~ :P"

z1: "grrrrrr...."