Tuesday, April 13, 2010

study week..... is like HELL

there, i said it! :D


z1: "heh, but it still study week...
u have to endure it anyways..."

z2: " i dun care! i'm homesick! lonely! hungry! bored!!
uwaaaaaaa~ :("

z1: "until when do u intend to keep being depressed, man?
u'll get yr freedom when u finish yr finals...
for now, focus yr fullest attention to what yr gonna face..."

z2: ".... hmm, u're right...."

z1: "there, u see? now go on and-"

z2: "u're so pumped up to study, why not study for me~
i'm gonna take a stroll~ ja ne~ :P"

z1: "grrrrrr...."

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