Monday, September 28, 2009

no friends, no life

raya breaks over

lectures start again

assignments gonna flood my brain

reports gonna make me swirl

labs gonna make me puke

but friends gonna make me do all that stuff together with them


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Back at USM

hmm, i'm back at USM...

feels like the raya break wasn't enough...
theres still much to do at home.. T^T

i wanna finish Persona 4
i wanna replay Tales of The Abyss,
i wanna go shopping with my friends,
i wanna bake something,
i wanna get my driving licence,
i wanna~~

oh well, the next break is loonger than this...
so, theres no need to rush, ne?


that's another problem...
the FINALS are drawing near~~
and i'm still in Lalaland...


Friday, September 25, 2009

The Raya Sakan Program

wow, this place is dusty...
lemme clean up a bit with my new posts~!

today, i went beraya with my friends at bangi..
man, 8 ppl and 3 cars... not very lestari, no?

neway, we visited 11 houses today~!

kay, lemme list it down...
1. Pipah
2. Rabiah
3. My house~ ^^
4. Hanis
5. Khai
6. Aimi
7. Amal
8. Mastura (?)
9. Kamilahani
10. Taherah
11. Akmal

familiar with these ppl?
well, if u know them, thats good~
but if u dont, well, act like u do~