Friday, September 30, 2011


man~ it's only been 3 weeks of lectures....
but, i feel like it's like 1 month... =___=

waaaaaaaai am i so tired?

umm... i think i should sleep early today...
then again, i feel like i'm wasting my night time....
uargh~ DX

okay okay....
how bout u draw sumthing?
my hands are kinda stiff, i dun think i can draw well...
what? i'm sure u can draw well~ go on, give it a try~ ^^
okay... u asked for it....

and now i will try to draw sumthing...
even though it'll end up in the folder of failed-and-half-finished-scribbles-i-call-artwork....


Monday, September 19, 2011

Usagi Exorcist Eater XD

Death The Kid dari Soul Eater

Kaga Rin & Daikichi dari Usagi Drops

Rin Okumura dari Ao no Exorcist

mengapa ak selalu lukis orang emo? =___=;

jadi inilah dia hasil pembuangan masa ku dalam bilik... ;D
mewarna air~ (kah3 XD)

aku perlukan banyak latihan lagi... >__>

Saturday, September 17, 2011



will practice more on drawing and colouring traditionally~

next: i will try to colour Okumura Rin :D

Thursday, September 15, 2011

happy birthday den kun~

this is a birthday gift for a friend in Brazil....
since it's so expensive shipping things from here to there, i've decided to make him a card/ picture/ artwork/ etc... whatever u call it :P

to den kun:
i'll always wish for your happiness and healthiness ^^
so, dont forget me kay? ^3^

Friday, September 9, 2011


yea... i know...
it's kinda dull... -___-

i miss FMA :')

Thursday, September 8, 2011

i dunno...

mengapa dia kelihatan seperti seorang gadis yang ganas??

dia sepatutnya seorang lelaki... ;___;

ok, saya perlu sidai baju sekarang... -___-

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Raya :)

you post your status in your FB wall about your feelings/ what you did today/ what you ate today/ what time did you sleep or wake up/ etc...

do u feel its necessary to post these useless things?

i don't think so -___-

to me it robs my privacy
and it's completely a waste of time for me to type and yet for you guys to read

for now on, i'll be posting in my blog or maybe in my tumblr (because i follow certain artists there)

i'll open FB for important news only

four months of semester break has finally come to an end
i'll be flying back to USM this Sunday... :(

yesterday (Monday),
Aimi, Khairani, Wan Siti Fatimah, Taherah, 'Afifah, and me went beraya from house to house
it was the most memorable moment for us :D
except that we were missing someone: Amalina Amirullah :(

Aimi :D

me and Taherah caught in act playing with the pattern on the table cloth :P

in my house :D

in front of Aimi's house
(me love this picture XD)

pictures were taken by Wan's camera
(i'll post more when i got the time)

i've got lots of other pictures, but most of them are either blur or too extreme for you to see :D

seriously, i'm gonna miss you guys :')