Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fionna the Human

Fionna the Human
from Adventure Time

this episode was just so cute :P
maybe sometime in the future, i'll draw her with Prince Gumball XD

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Adventure Time!!!

Finn The Human
from Adventure Time
long time no see

haaaaa~ feeling so good that my finals are over~ =D

if you're wondering who's Finn....
he's actually does not look like this....

but like this:

and this is him without his bear/cat/bunny hoodie:

as you can see, this is a Cartoon Network cartoon
and for me, this cartoon is awesome XD

it shows that a good story doesn't need high quality graphics
you can see the flexibility in this cartoon
and the randomness it gives, you just cant get enough of it :P

and each character has their own personality
with Finn being the brave, ambitious, heroic, but sensitive hero
and his dog, Jake, a funny, supportive, but easily distracted brother/friend of Finn
and the other cute characters in this cartoon

ohh and the story
the story is just awesome :D
the plot is unpredictable, random and funny
and theres always questions lingering in your head about Finn and Jake's past
especially Finn coz he's the only human in that world
and he still finding out why theres no human there
who and where is his real parents, why is he left there alone...

so why not watch it? :D