Thursday, May 27, 2010

tablet, revived

my tablet worked after i restarted the laptop...
ceh, you just being picky, aren't you?

huh, no matter...
i'm just glad you're not broken or anything...
i dun wanna buy another expensive tablet again...

Guy Cecil, Tales of The Abyss

this here is Guy
ahhhhhh~ isn't he awesome~
cute, cool, good looking, and unpredictable also~
he likes to see women, but can't near to them coz of his phobia towards them...
that's just make him even more cuter~ XD

currently, practicing CG-ing...
although my skills are not as good as Kai
i'm improving anyhow, rather than getting depressed coz i'm not good at it

i love to draw people and less of scenery
for me, i like to observe people's emotions expressed by their faces

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


my tablet just won't work!

 i used it like normal yesterday
and then just now, it won't work!

what have i done wrong, tablet?
is it because of my colouring skills?

i'm so sorry for not using you for about one semester...
what do you expect from a pharmacy student?

i dun wanna do anything today

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


this is Errol, my OC

my colouring's bad, ne?

Friday, May 21, 2010

diarrhoea, fever, then ganglion excision

wow, this week was just.... as the title describes :D

cause: ate laksam basi and 2 oranges
effect: diarrhoea
duration: wednesday till now

cause: severe diarrhoea and cold room
effect: fever
duration: 12 midnight till 12 midday

cause: wasn't ready when someone kicked a plank of wood held by me
effect: ganglion on my right hand
duration: 3 years ago till 11 am this morning :D

operation description:
1. diusung dari wad ke operation theatre (OT) [i can walk, dammit!]
2. given general anaesthetic (GA) and made me sleep in just seconds [seriously, i thought i was just blinking, the next thing u know, its done o_o]
3. after about 3 hours i woke up and 'diusung' back to my wad [ok, this time i was like a bit dizzy due to the GA... make sense :P]
4. ate lunch there [hey, i didn't eat, like, more than 6 hours, man...]

my right hand, after surgery

left hand, just the needle for inserting the GA

both hands :D

me, posing in my wad :D:D

Monday, May 17, 2010



haha, i'm currently watching pocoyo....
cute, actually~ ^^
u guys should watch it~

kay, its been a long time since i write something here...
not, that i was busy... just lazy, haha

ehem, went to teakwondo training yesterday...
not much actually. sir is being sarcastic as usual... im glad thats not changed at all...

made blueberry muffins and lychee ice blended two days ago...
using pre-mixes... haha
really delicious, u guys should try it sometimes~

gonna go see the orthopedic about my swelling ganglion on my right wrist and make my IC tmrw...
finally, this ganglion is gonna go~ ^^
and finally, im gonna make my IC picture perfect~

with my daily training driving my siblings to school...
im getting the hang of driving now~

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Guy Cecil

the ultimate kakoi-ness of Guy Cecil

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

cookies, running, and sleeping

ok, since i'm home now, better think about some plans to fill in this semester break...

1. bake some cakes and cookies!
2. finish reading yr novels
3. practice driving
4. improve yr drawing and colouring skills!
5. cut down some weight!

and other things i find bothersome to type it here....

lately, i'm getting lazier and lazier at home...
maybe coz yr most comfortable place is yr home...
duh, everybody knows that...

you know what i'm feeling now?
(besides my rumbling tummy ache... get out from my tummy, wind~)
i feel like i wanna run as fast as i could and as far as i could
wanting to feel the breeze
and the feel of tiredness after that

but, my weakness is that i'm not a morning person..
dammit, sleeping late and waking up late is like a norm at USM
(so called 'struggling', that is study till late at night..)

morning lectures,
the time to recover my sleep
(during highschool, i did sleep during morning classes, especially History class...)

"be a better person, Aqmar. 
waking up and studying early in the morning is the best way to absorb knowledge..."

that's what my Mom always say to me....

the problem is....
everytime i study early in the morning...
i ended up sleeping on my notes...
and after i realized that i was sleeping, i continued sleeping on the bed..

guess that some habits are difficult to change...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

home, at last


finished the 2nd semester of first year pharmacy degree program~
that means, im finished with first year~


seriously, i don't have the feeling to be happy...
especially after thinkin bout my friends that'll go overseas...
its been my dream to study overseas...
but, unfortunately, i didn't get that opportunity to do it...

actually, im kinda jealous of my friends that will go and currently studying overseas...
and they'll be going one by one...
then, i'll be alone here...