Sunday, October 31, 2010

the seriousness starts now

Break bidding farewell


let it be known that i am currently feeling cuak
(adapted from Amalina's blog)

i will be retaining myself from opening the internet during this study week
this is as serious as it gets

this FINAL is no play-play
it's like life or death

this year and this sem is the most challenging among the 4 years of study

have to memorize nearly 100 drugs
all their properties, side effects, mechanisms, etc...
all in one 4 unit subject
Antimicrobial Therapy

ok, i am now officially cuak

so, i will not be posting for the time being
fyi, my official freedom starts at 12 o clock (midday), Friday 19th November
i'll be flying back home on the next day, 3:35 pm

wish me luck and please pray for me

Saturday, October 30, 2010

food fight~! XD

study week

Gray Fullbuster of Fairy Tail (kyaaaaa XD)

i hate study week

there i said it!!

coz u have to sit down and study
facing notes and books
trying to absorb as much as u can

then u feel bored
trying to fill up the bored-ness
eating unhealthily,
u begin to think of something else
games, anime, friends, family, etc... (Gray~ XD)
then u realize....
3 hours has passed
but u just studied for 1 hour....

there u have it~
my problem: distraction -_-

i wanna go out and enjoy myself
enjoy the clean fresh air (ok, it's polluted)
enjoy sweating myself from running or jogging
without worrying about the coming exam

but, then it hit me,


"i assume u guys to know, but actually u don't"
i always get that from the Dean (he teaches us Antimicrobial Therapy)
with a smiling face :)

and then we smile


see the above picture?
that's my new favourite :D

hmm, why oh why do i like these kinda guys...?
(beside his habit of stripping unconsciously...)


sorry, i've been babbling about nothing today
guess this is the 'side effect' of the drug 'happiness' to cure the 'bored-ness' disease

oh, help me~
pharmacy has infiltrated my head!!!


btw, i've finished watching FMA Brotherhood~
now, my 'FMA BH ending' curiosity has been fulfilled~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

side effect vs therapeutic effects

Oz munching a cookie

yesterday, i had a quiz on antimicrobial therapy
then i realized that most of the drugs we've studied so far has side effect more than it's therapeutical effects...

then i thought,
"what de heck? i'm helping these people recover, not to worsen their lives even more!"

is the Elric brothers' rule of equivalent trade applied here?
"in order to achieve something, you must sacrifice something in your possession"
or something like that....

if this goes on, the patients have to depend on the doctors or pharmacist
to get rid of the side effects they're having
then they wouldn't take care of themselves
coz they think the medicines can 'take care' of them

geez, if this is happening in the future,
then i'm doubting to be a pharmacist
i don't care about their income
i don't care about wealthy living as a pharmacist
i just wanna help people get better and enjoy their lives with their family and friends

i gotta work hard
i wanna be a pharmacist that could change all this
that could change people's lives
and make them happy to live in this world

i'm all fired up!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

please take care...

Oz biting a table cloth (?)

final is just around the corner
and many things had happened to my friends and one lecturer

3 of my friends had motorcycle accidents
all happening at different times and places
and and lecturer happened to have dengue
(she is the most strictest, scariest, etc... lecturer we've known so far)
now, she's in the Critical Care Unit (CCU)...
(now i'm more worried about the school's cleanliness...)

so, a word of advice to my fellow friends:
please take care of your safety and health...
especially in this coming exam... :)


now i'm liking the anime Fairy Tail....
currently reading it's manga...

dammit! focus on your final!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

3 weeks left

before FINAL

relax aqmar....
no time to panic but time to study


can i panic now?
no, go study

Saturday, October 9, 2010


calories measure the energy content of the food you eat
if you exercise you use more energy than when you are lazying around
if the total calories you consume in a day exceeds the ones you use up,
the extra will be stored by your body, usually as fat

there are two simple choices to reduce the calories from turning to fat:
1. eat fewer calories by eating less or differently; and/or
2. burn more calories by exercising more
if you do either or both of the above, then you can see changes to your body weight

your daily calorie intake
multiply your weight in kg bt 22 to estimate your daily calorie requirement for a moderately active person who does not exercise...

for example:
my weight: 63kg
my daily calorie intake: 63 x 22 = 1386 kcal per day

how much calories you need to burn?
if you're an active person,
ie walk 10,000 steps everyday, or more
you're actually adding your daily calorie intake of your body

for example:
add 100 calories for every mile you run, jog or walk
let's take 62kg again and you run for 5 miles a day
(63 x 22) + (100 x 5) = 1886 kcal per day

if you want to lose weight,
reduce your daily calorie intake below your recommended daily calories requirement
however, for health safety sake,
do not reduce your daily calorie intake to less than 80% of your calorie requirement

Friday, October 8, 2010

his twin sister

Kagamine Rin -Vocaliod-

Len's twin sister


Len and Rin Kagamine
the twins of the Vocaliods

in their PVs they can be as couples, brother and sister, scientist and robot, crafter and doll, etc...
but in the end, they're just twins :D


water is the most important thing for the body

because it flushes away toxins and dirty water out from our body
just imagine a bucket full of water and left for 20 years in a closed room
what will the smell and colour of that water after 20 years?
unimaginable, right?
it's the same with our body
if we don't change the water in our body for 20 years, its really bad

water is also a natural calorie burner
this is because water can increase our body's metabolism
and this in turn burns more of your calorie intake
or, if your daily calorie intake is lower than your metabolism,
your excess metabolism will burn the fat stored in your body

did you know that water's also important for the blood?
it helps to loosen blood cells that have been stuck together because of dehydration
this improves blood circulation and thus improves oxygen transfer
therefore, water is very good for the brain

it applies to other cells in the body too
especially the face cells
you'll have a good and healthy complexion (like me~ ^^)
and you don't have to use expensive stuff to moisten it
just drink water

see, just drinking enough water for the day
already makes your body healthy

so, what you can do now is drink more than 3 liters of water per day
my record: 10 liters in one day ^^
if someone break my record, i'll treat that person lunch :D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

healthy breakfast


did u know that a healthy breakfast is vital for your body for the rest of the day?
but, do u know what's healthy to eat during breakfast?

if u eat high carb foods like nasi lemak or roti canai,
you'll have the energy, but it'll only last for a little while...
(or in my case, i'll be in hyper mode, and after some time, sleeping mode)
or u might have the energy too much that you'll skip lunch
and then you'll eat a lot during dinner

in the other hand, if you skip breakfast,
you'll be very hungry around 10-12pm
and then you'll tend to eat a lot during lunch...

a healthy breakfast consist of sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers...
what most Malaysians nowadays eat is more to fat, salt, sugar, carbohydrates and calories...
and this is really bad for your energy level during the day

so, you should eat cereals, wholemeal bread, or fruits for breakfast
if you want to feel full until midday, i suggest you eat half boiled eggs (my Mum already tried it and it's proven)

dun worry if you'll get hungry between breakfast and lunch
just drink a LOT of water if you do
i'll talk about water in the next post

until then, have a nice and healthy life~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

if i had the opportunity...

if i had the opportunity to make every people in this world healthier,
i will grasp that opportunity and change the people around me
to make the world a better place

if i had the chance,
i want to change my family's lifestyle (coz i love them so much and i will never forgive myself if something bad happens to them)
i want to make every one that i know healthier and disease free (i love my friends too, u know...)
i want to live in healthy environment and
i want to raise my family in a healthy environment in the future

i don't want to see many people suffer from diseases that are created by their own eating habits
i want to save them from that kind of situation

that's the reason i became a pharmacist

but, all i see is medication, treatment, and drugs that are used by patients in their whole lifetime

people don't like to be under medication
and i don't like that either

i know a preventive way to avoid all that
that is to change just the eating habits

coz its what the food that makes a man

i will NEVER let go of this opportunity
not ever!

Monday, October 4, 2010

after dosage test

kenapa saya rasa seperti ingin melayang~?

padahal baru satu test habis...
lepas ini ada lagi...

dan ada yg lebih besar dari itu...

tapi kejap lagi lah fikir...

sekarang, kita melukis~~

Kagamine Len - Vocaloid

Sunday, October 3, 2010



went shopping yesterday....
bought 3 pc games, 5 dvd movies...
a pair of sandals, a purse...
eye shadow, lipstick (=_=" influenced by my roomate)
a fillet o' fish burger and an apple pie from mcd..

all my raya money finished like that.

ehem, aqma...
no more shopping after this!!!

and u know what?
1 pc game cannot be installed...
and another one needs a password for installation..
thank god the third game works...

need to study dosage now...
tomorrow got practical test...

wish me luck~

Saturday, October 2, 2010


time to get serious

one month left before the finals...
and i dun wanna screw up like before!!!

1. Medicinal Chemistry
2. Antimicrobial Therapy
3. Dosage Form
4. Biochemistry
5. Physical Pharmacy
6. Pharmacy Management
7. English

and u know what?
all these papers are packed into 2 WEEKS NON STOP!!
argh! DX

gambatte aqma!!!