Thursday, December 30, 2010

the dispensing lab~

sumthing that i did during study week....
enjoy... :P

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

tanjoubi omedeto!!

Kagamine Len & Rin's birthday card

happy belated birthday to the Kagamine Twins!!!
their birthday was yesterday, and i haven't a clue about it... DX

Monday, December 27, 2010


My OC: Alex
(technique: brush, lasso, fill, gradient)

*enjoying the sem break and totally forgot to update my blog.... :P
i'm sorry i didn't blog during my break...
(aw, man.. i feel awful...)

during sem break:
1. played with the Miku Miku Dance program...
2. played PS2 like crazy
3. played Stepmania
4. practice CG-ing
5. learn to sew baju kurung
6. took care of the baby rabbits (7 of them~ ^^)
7. tried making Rin say "hanan tak mandi~" using Pocaloid 2
8. made chocolate cupcakes

hehe, thats probably what i did during sem break...

well, here i am!
back at usm, my dull and boring life once again....
(this, obviously shows that i have nothing to do... cuz i'm blogging...)

well, life's like the usual...
lectures, lab, assignments, quizzes, etc....
(oh, i wish the courses are as interesting as Mana Khemia... <- currently liking this game...)

ps: i'm thinking of buying a PSP... what do u guys think?