Thursday, October 7, 2010

healthy breakfast


did u know that a healthy breakfast is vital for your body for the rest of the day?
but, do u know what's healthy to eat during breakfast?

if u eat high carb foods like nasi lemak or roti canai,
you'll have the energy, but it'll only last for a little while...
(or in my case, i'll be in hyper mode, and after some time, sleeping mode)
or u might have the energy too much that you'll skip lunch
and then you'll eat a lot during dinner

in the other hand, if you skip breakfast,
you'll be very hungry around 10-12pm
and then you'll tend to eat a lot during lunch...

a healthy breakfast consist of sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fibers...
what most Malaysians nowadays eat is more to fat, salt, sugar, carbohydrates and calories...
and this is really bad for your energy level during the day

so, you should eat cereals, wholemeal bread, or fruits for breakfast
if you want to feel full until midday, i suggest you eat half boiled eggs (my Mum already tried it and it's proven)

dun worry if you'll get hungry between breakfast and lunch
just drink a LOT of water if you do
i'll talk about water in the next post

until then, have a nice and healthy life~


Amalina said...

I'm kinda lazy to make breakfast here, so we usually eat breakfast cereals (like cornflakes and tootie frooties). Is that good? Maybe we should buy those expensive cereals instead huh?

Aqmar said...

cornflakes are good enough...
those expensive ones are high in sugar content... and u know too that sugar turns to fat if not used as energy, right~ ^^

if you're really in a hurry, just grab a slice or two slices of bread (better: wholemeal) is enough...

just make sure you eat something during breakfast ^^