Friday, October 8, 2010


water is the most important thing for the body

because it flushes away toxins and dirty water out from our body
just imagine a bucket full of water and left for 20 years in a closed room
what will the smell and colour of that water after 20 years?
unimaginable, right?
it's the same with our body
if we don't change the water in our body for 20 years, its really bad

water is also a natural calorie burner
this is because water can increase our body's metabolism
and this in turn burns more of your calorie intake
or, if your daily calorie intake is lower than your metabolism,
your excess metabolism will burn the fat stored in your body

did you know that water's also important for the blood?
it helps to loosen blood cells that have been stuck together because of dehydration
this improves blood circulation and thus improves oxygen transfer
therefore, water is very good for the brain

it applies to other cells in the body too
especially the face cells
you'll have a good and healthy complexion (like me~ ^^)
and you don't have to use expensive stuff to moisten it
just drink water

see, just drinking enough water for the day
already makes your body healthy

so, what you can do now is drink more than 3 liters of water per day
my record: 10 liters in one day ^^
if someone break my record, i'll treat that person lunch :D


Amalina said...

Are you serious? More than 3 litres per day???

During high school years I tried fulfilling the 2 litres per day requirement, and I peed like hey.

Now you're telling me to try 10 litres per day? Mati la gua. Dah la tandas kat sini takde paip. Ada tisu je... Aku tak ske nak pegi tandas awam kat sini, huhuhuhu...

But you know what, during this weekend I'll try to drink as much as possible at home. I'll keep you updated.

Aqmar said...

yea~ that's the spirit~ XD

whoa... seriously no paip?
even i can't live without that... :P