Tuesday, October 5, 2010

if i had the opportunity...

if i had the opportunity to make every people in this world healthier,
i will grasp that opportunity and change the people around me
to make the world a better place

if i had the chance,
i want to change my family's lifestyle (coz i love them so much and i will never forgive myself if something bad happens to them)
i want to make every one that i know healthier and disease free (i love my friends too, u know...)
i want to live in healthy environment and
i want to raise my family in a healthy environment in the future

i don't want to see many people suffer from diseases that are created by their own eating habits
i want to save them from that kind of situation

that's the reason i became a pharmacist

but, all i see is medication, treatment, and drugs that are used by patients in their whole lifetime

people don't like to be under medication
and i don't like that either

i know a preventive way to avoid all that
that is to change just the eating habits

coz its what the food that makes a man

i will NEVER let go of this opportunity
not ever!


I think you know who I am, but in case you don't know I'm A... XD said...

Gimme fooooddd~~~

We ran out of food to eat in my house~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Aqmar said...


then go buy summore food la~ XP
healthy food that is~