Sunday, October 24, 2010

please take care...

Oz biting a table cloth (?)

final is just around the corner
and many things had happened to my friends and one lecturer

3 of my friends had motorcycle accidents
all happening at different times and places
and and lecturer happened to have dengue
(she is the most strictest, scariest, etc... lecturer we've known so far)
now, she's in the Critical Care Unit (CCU)...
(now i'm more worried about the school's cleanliness...)

so, a word of advice to my fellow friends:
please take care of your safety and health...
especially in this coming exam... :)


now i'm liking the anime Fairy Tail....
currently reading it's manga...

dammit! focus on your final!!!


Amalina said...

3 different people in 3 different accidents?

Scary scary.

You take care of your health too! mat-mat salehs here are sick too, I'm worried I might get sick too! I'm more worried about paying the doctors though, not about my health. =___=


Yosh, I have 3 exams this week, but I'm watching Gintama.


Jom study!

Aqmar said...

how can i focus when studying???
i've got this short-term-attention syndrome!!

Pipah said...

You will never walk alone =_='.. aku pon ssh nk concentrate, huhuh.. tp ko finals..

Study study study~