Sunday, October 31, 2010

the seriousness starts now

Break bidding farewell


let it be known that i am currently feeling cuak
(adapted from Amalina's blog)

i will be retaining myself from opening the internet during this study week
this is as serious as it gets

this FINAL is no play-play
it's like life or death

this year and this sem is the most challenging among the 4 years of study

have to memorize nearly 100 drugs
all their properties, side effects, mechanisms, etc...
all in one 4 unit subject
Antimicrobial Therapy

ok, i am now officially cuak

so, i will not be posting for the time being
fyi, my official freedom starts at 12 o clock (midday), Friday 19th November
i'll be flying back home on the next day, 3:35 pm

wish me luck and please pray for me

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