Friday, May 21, 2010

diarrhoea, fever, then ganglion excision

wow, this week was just.... as the title describes :D

cause: ate laksam basi and 2 oranges
effect: diarrhoea
duration: wednesday till now

cause: severe diarrhoea and cold room
effect: fever
duration: 12 midnight till 12 midday

cause: wasn't ready when someone kicked a plank of wood held by me
effect: ganglion on my right hand
duration: 3 years ago till 11 am this morning :D

operation description:
1. diusung dari wad ke operation theatre (OT) [i can walk, dammit!]
2. given general anaesthetic (GA) and made me sleep in just seconds [seriously, i thought i was just blinking, the next thing u know, its done o_o]
3. after about 3 hours i woke up and 'diusung' back to my wad [ok, this time i was like a bit dizzy due to the GA... make sense :P]
4. ate lunch there [hey, i didn't eat, like, more than 6 hours, man...]

my right hand, after surgery

left hand, just the needle for inserting the GA

both hands :D

me, posing in my wad :D:D


Amalina suka harvest moon said...

FINALLY! I've been waiting for your surgery for like... what, one year?

So are you okay now?

Aqmar said...

heh, that thing was on my hand for like, 3 years....
i finally got it out from my hand~

hehe, im fine~ its no biggie actually...
after the surgery, if you're up and about, u can just go home :D
but, the bandages still on and i can't lift anything heavy or do anything that stresses my hand...
cis, i wanna do something extreme...