Thursday, May 27, 2010

tablet, revived

my tablet worked after i restarted the laptop...
ceh, you just being picky, aren't you?

huh, no matter...
i'm just glad you're not broken or anything...
i dun wanna buy another expensive tablet again...

Guy Cecil, Tales of The Abyss

this here is Guy
ahhhhhh~ isn't he awesome~
cute, cool, good looking, and unpredictable also~
he likes to see women, but can't near to them coz of his phobia towards them...
that's just make him even more cuter~ XD

currently, practicing CG-ing...
although my skills are not as good as Kai
i'm improving anyhow, rather than getting depressed coz i'm not good at it

i love to draw people and less of scenery
for me, i like to observe people's emotions expressed by their faces


amalina tak dapat cookies said...

so so so... since the tablet is ok nao... does this mean no cookies for me?


Aqmar said...

huhu, i didn't say i won't make them...
i'm in the mood of making something new~
i made lemon muffin today~
and i wanna make apple tarts next~

fyi, guy's mine

amalina nak apple tarts pulak said...

...why you so rajin this break ah? ah? you bake a lotta things lak tu. delicious things lak tu. TT__TT

i thot guy was mine. hehe. takpe2, aku claim BOTH guy and luke plak. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Aqmar said...

kena ah gunakan cuti semester ni sehabis mungkin~ huhu~

ak x kira, guy ngan frings ak nye~

Pipah-who-is-temporarily-out-from-the-realm-of-the-dead said...

okay, da lama x on, so nk komen dr post dlu2. First, congrats di atas operation pertama anda, *clap3*. Hahaha!

And I want some cookies too!

And I may need your help with my borangs too, the pengadil thingy! Pretty please? Aqmar, you're my best friend *eyes glistening with tears*

I wanna play games too!

I wanna see you guys T_T! I mean girls!!


Aqmar said...

oh, man... i mean girl~
i'll help you in anyway i can~

hmm, i'll see if i can make them cookies for you... ^^

the borang thingy... tell me what you want, i'll sms it for you :D