Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Raya :)

you post your status in your FB wall about your feelings/ what you did today/ what you ate today/ what time did you sleep or wake up/ etc...

do u feel its necessary to post these useless things?

i don't think so -___-

to me it robs my privacy
and it's completely a waste of time for me to type and yet for you guys to read

for now on, i'll be posting in my blog or maybe in my tumblr (because i follow certain artists there)

i'll open FB for important news only

four months of semester break has finally come to an end
i'll be flying back to USM this Sunday... :(

yesterday (Monday),
Aimi, Khairani, Wan Siti Fatimah, Taherah, 'Afifah, and me went beraya from house to house
it was the most memorable moment for us :D
except that we were missing someone: Amalina Amirullah :(

Aimi :D

me and Taherah caught in act playing with the pattern on the table cloth :P

in my house :D

in front of Aimi's house
(me love this picture XD)

pictures were taken by Wan's camera
(i'll post more when i got the time)

i've got lots of other pictures, but most of them are either blur or too extreme for you to see :D

seriously, i'm gonna miss you guys :')


kaizen-arts said...

That's what social networking is for!

To create camwhores, attention-seekers, lurkers, stalkers and stalker-labelling people and waste time by reading peoples status' which has nothing to do with you!

Oh wait, how does that differ from a blog XD?

Tsuki said...

well, FB is kinda like u gotta read other's status coz u got no choice...
coz they are spamming ur wall...
and sometimes theres sumthing like this:
"send this to 15 ppl that u love. If u got 15 or more back, you're lovable"

nonesense. -__-

kaizen-arts said...

If I do not receive 15 spam notes, that is a sign of impending doom that everyone doesn't like me?

Wow, what a way to get depressed.

Amalina said...

What kind of pictures are those that are "too extreme"?

Sangat scary je baca statement macam tu.

Enjoy your university life! Belajar baik2, ingat Allah selalu.