Friday, September 25, 2009

The Raya Sakan Program

wow, this place is dusty...
lemme clean up a bit with my new posts~!

today, i went beraya with my friends at bangi..
man, 8 ppl and 3 cars... not very lestari, no?

neway, we visited 11 houses today~!

kay, lemme list it down...
1. Pipah
2. Rabiah
3. My house~ ^^
4. Hanis
5. Khai
6. Aimi
7. Amal
8. Mastura (?)
9. Kamilahani
10. Taherah
11. Akmal

familiar with these ppl?
well, if u know them, thats good~
but if u dont, well, act like u do~