Saturday, April 24, 2010

1 week more!

Another one week before i go home~
kyaa~ XD

damn, i am homesick...
i just talked with my mother through phone....
my heart felt a little warmer after that... :)

well, just a little more days, and you're free~

kay, lets see....
another 4 papers to go:
- Communication Skills [Mon],
- Ethnic Relations [Wed],
- Basic Pharmacology [Thurs],
- and Dosage Form 1, Theory [Fri]....

Yosh~ gambatte Aqma!
work damn hard on the remaining papers!!!
Ace them, ace them, ACE THEM!!!!


Amalina taknak belajar Art or Chem anymore said...

Gosh, you had like, what, 7 papers to sit for?

I had only 3, and I'm already looking forward to going home!!!

We are the same lah! By the end of this week, we'll be free!!!!

FMA! Wait for me!!!

Aqmar said...

yup, 7 subjects... 8 papers in two weeks...
if it isnt this much paper to sit for, then it isn't a critical course..