Sunday, February 8, 2009

Get Up and Smell The Fresh Scent of a New Day~

assalamualaikum, mah fwenz!

before i come to my main topic, there's a crrction in my prev post:
me n mah fwenz arent gonna do the Nobody dance coz its too sexy although the song is cute n cool...
i suggested that we do the Gee dance by SNSD, but its gonna take a long time to practice so, we decided to do it if we passed the audition... XD

okay, hmmm, today i thought i was gonna get my new handphone, but alas, despite that my parents were tired from their hard work at our new house, i've decided to let today pass...
although i felt really... pissed off... T^T (wu~)
but, no matter~! i still have tomorrow~ and im gonna aget mah handphone no matter what~! XD

anyone got a cool game to recommend?
im in the hunt for cool games that are never boring and if possible, online.... so that i can socialize more~ (muahahaha~) ... (y am i laughing....?)
so, plz give me the names of the cool games u guys know~ onegaishimasu~

well, i think thats all from today~
i cant post everyday coz im really not into this blogging thingy~ (and so busy with tutorialz...)
im just here to practice my english, and socialize.... *blushes ... but mostly, for my own confidence... :)

hehe, tq for reading and c u guys later~


F@!Z said...

mau game on9 yg besh..??
men la granado espada..
best shiot game 2..
mcm men world of warcraft..
tp yg ni kte ley control 3 characters sekaligus..

Aqmar said...

oh~ yeker~?
ok ok ak tgk dlu~