Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Harshness of Reality

Hi guys...

wu~ im very sad~ but at the same time, very relieved...
u wanna know why?
ok... I didnt pass the audition... T^T

ok, all my hard work, sweat, money and time ... is for nothing...
The problem is, that night is the Maulidur Rasul night... thats why i felt relieved...
coz, i really don't wanna dance on that night...

2ndly, ... i found a really cool handphone~!
ok, last time i posted, that i was gonna buy a hp for real, but, ahem, at that place, theres no variety of phones to choose... hehe...

and then, last thursday, at midvalley, i found a sony ericsson K770~!
and its only for RM450 if i traded my old hp~! >.<

but, my mum said that i have to do a survey 1st... T^T
ok ok, she doesnt want me to feel 'menyesal' if i found a cheaper and better phone in the future...
T^T wu~ mum, i love u so much~!

oh, today's Valentine's Day, right?
ok, theres no one special in my life except for my wonderful family and friendz~!
i luv u all~!

Yesterday (friday), at PASUM, there was a talk about Valentine's Day, but I didnt attent it bcoz of the damn audition... T^T
i was wondering if it was interesting or not... ?_?

ok, thats all~!
thank u for spending your time on my blog~
and plz comment if u have the time~



F@!Z said...

ko gi audition ke..?
cambest je..
ko wat performance pe..?
nape x dpt..?
cambest je nk tgk ko nye performance...

F@!Z said...

lupe lak nk promote blog sndirik..
comment2 la ape2 yg ptot ek kt blog ak tu..
xde la menarik sgt pun..
tp pd ak kire ok la kot..
ni address nye..
comment jgn x comment..
pnat ak wat..

Aqmar said...

aku menari tell me by wonder girls....
cari ah sndiri, aku tgh broken heart nih...

F@!Z said...

tell me..
ak tau..
cam popular gak ar dance tu..