Monday, June 13, 2011


OC: Rein

uwaaah~ 'Block Pulse of Love' (Muppy's theme), OST Mana Khemia.....
ohhh... the evil feeling from this song is soooooo addictive~

okay, enough....

the above drawing shows a picture of Rein, aka Experiment 79
he's a product of a failed experiment
an experiment which involves the fusion of two souls

Rein, a prisoner, in which he was sentenced to be a 'lab rat'
for his crime as a serial killer
a very serious guy, never smiles and always wear a deathly gaze

he was fused with Ryuge, an old man from an old folks home
he actually volunteered to be a lab rat
bcoz he would like to be helpful for once even though it'll cost his life
an 50 year old man that lived alone for 20 years after his family was killed by a robber
cheerful and yet very caring to people dear to him

initially, the experiment was a success
Ryuge was successfully fused into Rein
but they begin to experience severe migraine
some of their memories were somewhat 'missing'
and their conscious period was short and unexpected
thus, they were regarded as a failed experiment

after some time,
the scientists have successfully fused two souls in a very detailed experiment (Experiment 80)
that is when the 'failed experiments' that were still alive were considered 'trash'
an order from the higher ups was established to 'dispose the trash'
Rein/Ryuge and 3 more 'failed experiments' escaped from the lab prison just before their turn to be disposed

what happened to them after that?
sa na~ XD

----to be continued----

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Anonymous said...

Ohoho, so this is the infamous Rein~
Nice story, nice story