Friday, July 22, 2011

artwork update

in chronicle order.... (oldest -> newest)
Drakonys & Rinalee

Megurine Luka of the Vocaloids
My OC: Rein
(yes, looks different coz i tried a different style of painting.. and i was time pressured :P)

a design plan (more like a doodle... XD) for the Pharmex mascot

My OC: Errol

My OC: Amber

My OC: Linzhi

Kagamine Rin & Len of the Vocaloids
in their PV: Unhappy Refrain

Sorry i didn't update my blog for quite some time now...
i was uhh.... improving my housework skills~ :D :D :D

i was busy submitting my art at DA actually...
heres the link: lolz~


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