Friday, October 7, 2011

pictures tells u everything :D

felt madness~~ XD

Persona 4 Animation~~~ XD


kaizen-arts said...

I want oneeezzzz!!!

Oh a side note



kaizen-arts said...

By the way, where did you buy the felt cloth? I can't find such a shop selling 'em for the life of me..

Tsuki said...

no~ i want SETA SOUJIIIII~~ XD
that name's way cooler~ XP

ohh... i found the felt cloth at a shop called Daiso... there u can find all sorts of stuffs from Japan... just at a price of RM5 per item~ XD

kaizen-arts said...

Walao, so vague...

So where's Daiso?

Tsuki said...

u can fin d Daiso at Times Square (i guess...) and Queensbay, Penang... so far, these are the only places i know that have Daiso :D