Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Jet yang cacat

yes... his eyes are weirdly big... -__-

berapa lama sudah saya tak ber-CG?
saya rasa sudah 1 bulan oh....
o__O time to improvise my time....

Discovery of the Day:
i cant believe we can actually make our own diamond using our own hair.... o_O
*writes in Stories For My Manga (yg x siap2...)*

oh yeah, speaking of gemstones....
random notes:

Gemstone possession

Alex: Bismuth
"life is exciting once i embrace rather than resist change"

Alex's Mother: Ruby
"my fears have no reality and i let them go"

Linzhi: Morganite "i will be slow to prejudge others"
// Kinoite "i strive for excellence"

Amber: Rose Quartz
"i will be as kind to myself as i am to others"

Luke: Cavansite
"i will reach my goal one way or the other"

Corrie: Fire Opal
"i can tackle problems head-on" (a personality of Shinjiro (P3) that i like ^^)

Errol: Golden Calcite
"i will make today golden"

Vienna: Olive Jade
"peace is more powerful than aggression"

Maaya: Ferberite
"i let go of the need to control everything"

Rein: Serpentine "i do not need to carry emotional luggage"
// Citrine Smoky Quartz "there is always light in darkness"

Ryuge: Sunstone
"i am whole and happy"

Whitney: Clear Danburite
"i regard everyone as friends unless proved otherwise"

Cobalt: Okenite "i know what is best for myself and my family"
// Lapis Lazuli "i reach for the stars"

Lynette: Golden Beryl
"i am motivated to succeed in any challenge"

Melc: Pyromorphite
"i can move forward"

Ray & Roy: Bronzite "i am strong enough to resist any who would diminish my self-esteem"
// Rainbow Moonstone "i will collect moments of happiness"

Jet: Black Phantom Quartz
"within me are the seeds of the future"

Reuben: Red Jasper
"i am a high achiever"

Mana: Sardonyx
"i can easily attain my goal"

huahuahua~ i love gemstones~ XD

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