Saturday, January 7, 2012

'Tommy Caira'


Pha Is said...

la... tommy caira ka....

Azman said...

yaarr lar, tommy caira lettew

Anonymous said...

I know I am biased because I use the same technique but I'm gonna say it anyway.

Love the colours and the shading. You used purple, congratulations~ Looks like you placed more effort into colouring this one compared to all your other artworks.

However, you need to work more on his ear if you wanna call this a finished product. It's poorly done (I'm one to talk; I hate drawing ears. Nearly all my drawings have no ears and half finished, but I'm gonna critique anyway)

If you're offended by anyway, I am sorry, but I think I should be more honest if we both want to improve.


Unknown said...

thanks so much kai~ ^^
finally, someone that would say something about my work XD

i will do my best to improve
*hard rock face*