Thursday, March 29, 2012

the way the world looks at you

 Random OC: Rue

okay, a quick post before i go shopping for shoes :P

you know what?
pretty people always gets all the attention in the world without even trying
on the other hand, the not so pretty people were treated like he/she did something very wrong that the people around them looks at them as if they're criminals

do you think this is fair?

like discriminating the rich from the poor
the intelligent ones and the not-so-intelligent
the pretty and the ugly
the talented and the no-so-talented

the nearest example: race discrimination

why do we need to discriminate things?
why do people have this narrow thinking of the things around them?

it hurts people

and not to mention: "It's your loss!"

i mean,
maybe a quiet person have even more intelligent than you
maybe a person that looks poor have more money than you do
maybe a not-so-pretty person is more talented in many fields that even you can't do

why can't all the people in this world become friends without ever thinking about each others strength and weaknesses?

throw away your ego and arrogance for once will ya?
it's the boulder that separates you and the world



Anonymous said...

I'm grouped in the I'm-not-pretty-so-everyone-thinks-im-stupid.

No seriously.


Anyway, that's how the world works. Everyone judges people by appearance whether they realize it or not. Even me; honestly speaking, though I try telling myself that I shouldn't be doing that, and that maybe that person is waaaaaay better than me in all aspects.

But, yeah.

Tsuki said...

yeah.... i always look at things by its appearance... cant runaway from that tho...

i dunno, maybe women have this feeling more than men...
99% nafsu and 1% intelligence...
i dunno...

lets change for the better shall we? :D

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course! =D