Monday, July 9, 2012

colour practice 3

Albert of Romancing Saga

“My name is Albert. Son of Rudolf. Lord of the Isthmus.”

Yes, Albert... I've heard that many times :0

gonna make this happen....
can't give up now.... >:D

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Anonymous said...

Oh, main Romancing saga balik? Alamak, nostalgia lah pula (GrayxClaudia4evaaaarrr). There's a video on youtube showing a scene when you complete the game after using all 8 characters. Chekidaut.

But I always assumed Albert was a child, features kat sini nampak macam dia tua sikit (unless that's your intent). Good job on the eyes, very nice. Maybe next boleh start lukis bulu mata (yes, men have eye lashes as well, but not as pronounced as women). When I flipped the image, mata dia belah kiri kecil sikit, i think you can just tranform and stretch the eye for a quick edit.

Anyway, he's nekkid >:D