Tuesday, October 26, 2010

side effect vs therapeutic effects

Oz munching a cookie

yesterday, i had a quiz on antimicrobial therapy
then i realized that most of the drugs we've studied so far has side effect more than it's therapeutical effects...

then i thought,
"what de heck? i'm helping these people recover, not to worsen their lives even more!"

is the Elric brothers' rule of equivalent trade applied here?
"in order to achieve something, you must sacrifice something in your possession"
or something like that....

if this goes on, the patients have to depend on the doctors or pharmacist
to get rid of the side effects they're having
then they wouldn't take care of themselves
coz they think the medicines can 'take care' of them

geez, if this is happening in the future,
then i'm doubting to be a pharmacist
i don't care about their income
i don't care about wealthy living as a pharmacist
i just wanna help people get better and enjoy their lives with their family and friends

i gotta work hard
i wanna be a pharmacist that could change all this
that could change people's lives
and make them happy to live in this world

i'm all fired up!!


Amalina said...

It's really good seeing how you're really sincere into wanting to help people. Continue your effort yosh!

I wish I can be as motivated as you are right now.

Nways, be a good pharmacist, so that I can depend on you in the future.

Elric bros' principle of equivalent trade is invalid now. :D

[izzie_heart]* said...


Like doctors as well. More of your patients die than the ones you manage to save.

I heard it on TV or something, 'You really want to be a doctor to save lives? Do you know that you'll kill people more than you can save them?'

One of the harshest reality in life. Sigh.

Anyways, good luck :)