Friday, May 27, 2011

Alex's painful past

My OC: Alex (p/s: he rarely smiles :D)
Rinalee & Drakonys
A smiling blue-eyed muslimah :)

....coz i keep eating at home! >__<;
(control, aqma, control~ :D)

okay, i'm in the mood to tell you about Alex up there :D

he's the hero of a story i've created (but, still not complete :D)
he has an older brother named Luke (3 years of difference)

when he was 10 years old,
he has just finished his training and went straight back home
he wanted to deliver a good news to his mother that he has passed his practical test
but, what a surprise when he found out that something had happened to her

the once colourful garden has been stained with red colour of blood
the serene and peaceful atmosphere has turned dull and gloomy

"Mum's body was just lying there, in the middle of the garden....
besides her, theres someone holding a blood-stained dagger....
and that someone was my own brother"

Alex: "what happened to Mum?"
Luke: "........" *head faced down, expressionless*
Alex: "did u do this? DID YOU KILLED MUM?!"
Luke: "don't get your emotions cloud your thinking, Alex"
Alex: "what is there to think about?? it's obvious! you.... YOU KILLED HER!!"

with tears filling his eyes, Alex encountered a duel against his brother
using his longsword, he thought he could beat Luke and force some answers from him
but, it ended otherwise.... and worse....
Alex got pierced through his abdomen and was severely injured

Luke: "use your head next time you fight me"

Luke tossed something onto Alex's chest
it was a red Ruby that their mother used to wear as a necklace
after that, Luke turned around and left his brother lying in the pool of blood

Alex's conscious started to fade away....

---------to be continued-----------

p/s: i'll post a picture of Luke later :P

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