Wednesday, May 25, 2011

at home :)

got home safely last Sunday
went to 'attachment' with a pharmacy last Monday
but never came back these two days
because i didn't get the guideline from the school's office
now, i'm slacking at home, doing nothing but play, eat, sleep

(uwaa~ cepatlah Ope gosok baju tu! bateri nak habis! >.<)

anyway~ i've got plans this semester break:
  1. lose weight (dammit!)
  2. make Pharmex mascot (seriously, got no idea here...)
  3. learn how to cook malay dishes
  4. get use to house chores (be considerate, dammit!)
  5. improve drawing and colouring skills using tablet
  6. attachment with a pharmacy
  7. work (to earn money!)
okay, i think thats all the major things i wanna do...

well, gambatte to me~ ^^
i hope this long 5 month break will somehow change me to someone useful in something :D

adios~ ;D


Amalina said...

FIVE months break?

Woah. Best gila.

Tsuki said...

yea... but i tend to get bored easily
and worse, eat a lot...