Sunday, March 18, 2012

don't complain about minor stuff

Vincent from Nanny McPhee

People say that the more honest you are the more friends you make....
Well it doesn't!

It's just applicable in animes and movies
The real world is much more crueler

Complaining about something isn't gonna solve your problem
Being mad and moody doesn't make everything better
Being sad doesn't mean that u have to tell the whole world that you are
Avoiding people that you hate isn't gonna make your relationship better

There are lots of unfortunate people out there that faced much more difficulty than you

You just don't see the big picture
All you see is yourself and your comfort zone

(a reminder for myself too)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeap, that's what I always tell myself if I feel like complaining; there are many other people out there who fares worst than my condition.

Also, if you don't complain, you dapat pahala kot =D. Ain't that a bonus?