Friday, April 20, 2012


My OC: Corrie

it took me some time to figure out her hair and eye colours... >___<
since she is somewhat 'the tough girl' in the story

Corrie is a stern, tough, and slightly tomboyish kinda girl
a childhood friend of Alex, Luke, Errol, and Amber

her mother passed away giving birth to her
her father is a soldier and is always being posted anywhere under strict orders
he brings Corrie anywhere he goes too

at one time, they stayed at Gracia Village (Alex's hometown)
Alex's mother, Marion, offered to take care of Corrie
so, everytime Corrie's father goes to war, Corrie is left with Marion
Corrie has always think of her as her own mother
and think that Alex and Luke as her brothers

Corrie was actually a very tomboyish girl when she was small
but when she met with Marion, she learned a lot of things in being a proper lady
Marion was the first person who made Corrie's hair into a double ponytail
since then, she never changed her hairstyle

when she was 12 years old, she was taken by a secret organisation owned by the government
this organisation feeds, trains and gives military education to orphans
in that year also, Corrie was promoted to Vice Commander of the Spy Division

when her age reached 15 years old, she was promoted to Head Commander of that division

(please mind my grammar... i never looked up the military positioning names
blah sngceghclghkshljmghm~~)


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