Friday, May 18, 2012

inconsistently inconsistent

two negatives make a positive
inconsistent = negative
inconsistently inconsistent = consistently consistent
:D peace!

random PewdiePie-ness:
BARRELS!! de-ahh! don't take m'all de hiding plass!!
OI, LEG! you're coming with me, Leg!
Leg: Pewdie, what are you doing? I'm a leg! >:D

-____- hmm~ can't open youtube now~

looks like i don't have time to scribble something today...
i wish i had the time D:
maybe i can doodle on a paper then scan it :D

gimme some time please :D


Amalina said...

Inconsistently consistent! That makes sense (though it's harder to compute than constantly constant!).

Tsuki said...

oops... typo there :P
it's consistently consistent :D
didn't realized that... heheh :P